Here it is

Here it is

This is our products.

Have you ever taken the time to actually work on something and turned it into a piece of product that you are surely proud of? Maybe as simple as finishing an essay, putting together a bed or as complex as building unimaginably structures out of Lego and fixing a car. How does it feel like when the final product comes out? Good right? Am I right?

Well, these shirts right here are the very first products that we’ve made. It felt good holding the shirts in our hands, feeling them, wearing them, and selling them.

First it was the iron we used which took around 10 minutes for each shirt. I’m talking pressing the iron down ironing the shirt for a good 10 minutes. That’s hard work. Then it was the heat press which saved us a lot of trouble by just automatically heating the ink through the shirt within 10 seconds.

Throughout the process of making shirts, we have developed characters. We fought over which designs to print or when we’re going to meet up. There were times we thought we have failed the project but then we think again and we see that we’re somewhere behind the start line. The key thing to this is that at least we have started and that’s the hardest part for most situations.

School work has always been the problem intervening us from making banks (money) and we already had acknowledged the problem since day one. Why won’t we fix it? We had tried numerous times and every time, we made some progress. However, it’s still a problem for some reason as school dragged on. I know that “You always make time for what you love to do” but I guess my timing wasn’t right. Now don’t get me wrong that we didn’t do anything for this project because we did do a handful of things and I thoroughly enjoy the process.

When school is over, I’m hoping to keep this project going because at the bottom of my heart, I still enjoy making shirts and making banks.

I’m extremely thankful for this project because without it, I would’ve never thought about turning my thoughts into something real. I always have thoughts in my head but most of them don’t work out. But this was the one that worked out thanks to this project, it was like my dream came true. What am I talking about “was like,” my dream did come true. These shirts are real, I can hold them.

To sum it all up, because of this project, I got to know my partners (Nobel and Kevin) better. Because of this project, I realize that I can chase any dream I have I just need to get started somewhere and view it as a project. Because of this project, I can now wear shirts that I made by myself. Because of this project, I’ve learn to become a self directed learner as I researched by myself on what to buy in order to my shirts. Because of this project, I’ve learned to become an effective communicators as I plan things out with my partners. Because of this project, I got another feeling of what it’s like to be proud of something you have made. I like that feeling.

At the end of the day, everyone will go back to their business and I’ll go back to mine, but this project forever stays in my heart. It may seem like we didn’t accomplish much, but we did accomplish plenty. Such as: new shirts, a bit money, friendships, and experience… etc. And those things are really all you need in life.




I didn’t know anything about cars besides it has an engine and needs gas.

Now I still don’t know much about cars, but after spending a week looking up cars and having small talks about cars with my buddies, I kinda have a little more knowledge than I did before.

Here stand a jaw dropper neck breaker heart breaker modified honda accord. Now if you’re not really into cars I don’t really care because to me, this is a piece of art. This car belongs to a guy who named himself “keychain”

As you can see he had took the original piece and made it into something new, something of his own, something when people see it they go, yup that’s KeyChain’s.

Ahhhh I don’t know, this car is just so nice I can’t stop staring at it oh my.

I have a black accord and soon I hope to build it just like how KeyChain had built his. I mean not exactly the same thing because I want to make it my own too, just some tips and notes I should consider while building my car.

I don’t know I am just so excited. Just in about 2 weeks I will have my license and I know for a fact that I will always drive sober with my full attention because it is not an accident, it is a choice.

I know it’s not cheap, but I also know that hard work takes time. I mean it’s not that expensive when you have a decent job but still, not cheap my friend.

Anyway, this picture is beautiful. If we don’t have the same taste, that sucks.

How this blog post is connected to English is KeyChain had made his argument through his action by building up a master piece. He took something from the Honda company and turned it into his own.

On second thought, this guy could be my next hero. And I still dun kno a lot about cars but gimme time im exploring.



Today marked exactly 6 years since I have been to America, May 20th.

It has been a long journey and it seems like the road keeps getting longer the further I march. However, the road does get clearer as I go on.

This journey has been quite a blessing, something I get to tell my grandkids about. This journey, yet to be finished, has changed my life. As I move on with this journey, I experience things that not a lot of people get to experience during their life time. I get to see things with my own eyes and that really gives me a wide perspective about life. I tend to think a lot, about life, about food, about cute girls, but at the end of the day, nothing really matters.

I remember the first time seeing snow in America, it’s the moment I’d never forget. Everything was white on everything. Even though it was cold, it felt great. My family grabbed some boards and we went skiing.

Here in America, I have developed many things. First thing first is English of course. I remember having trouble listen to English and often stutter when I speak. But now look at me, I’m a wild beast who speaks good English and the truth and nothing but the truth wherever I go.

Second thing would be  my physical look, let me tell you, I have been through many phases it’s so embarrassing that I don’t even wanna talk about it. I used to have an orange bowl hair cut… but I still pulled off hot girls though.

Third thing would be my thoughts and emotional. Like I said. living in 2 different countries at 2 different times really gave me a cool perspective bout life. Now I’m just chillen doing nothing but thinking positive.

I’ve lost a few friends, but I’ve gained a ton. I would like to thank God for bringing all these people into my life. I really appreciate them because they are part of my life. 10 years from now they would be the one who have the biggest impact on my life. Either good or bad, I still learn a lot from them so I win.

America is fun with Disney Land, Sea World, Hollywood and stuff. I can’t wait for the things that are waiting ahead of me.

The Lost Generation


If there’s one generation of Accords that doesn’t get much attention, it would definitely have to be the 6th Generation. There’s some good builds out there, but they’re few & far between. Kenny G., the owner of this beauty, has a good background when it comes to building cars.

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What do we really learn in schooL ?

What do we really learn in schooL ?

What do we really learn in school man, all these knowledge that I’m sure can be very crucial in some complex world is not the most important thing when it comes to the real world. Yea math can be fun but we don’t try to graph equations when it comes to cooking rice in the kitchen. Sure the periodic table can help us create new powerful atomic bombs but we don’t try to make bombs when we’re cleaning our fish tanks. The message (or the argument if you prefer) that I’m trying to get into your head is that what we are learning in school don’t really matter when it comes to real life situations.

Based on my annotations and calculations, the probability of Californians experiencing another earthquake is 3.252 over 7 eleven. Just kidding that was just an interesting thought in my head one might disagree. Well about my annotations, I got 3 over here. They are all related to my argument of course. One I annotated was about the SAT and whether to take out the essay portion of the test or not. (I heard they’re taking out the essay so now it’s only the T test) Anyways I don’t know how a reasoning test can be timed in such little time too, they should give us a significant amount of time to gather our thoughts and begin to reason. If I think about it again, it’s not really a reasoning test. My favorite quote from this opinion article was “The notion of anyone being able to produce a meaningful piece of writing in 25 minutes in such a pressurized setting is not reasonable” -John L. Mahoney. SEE! I told you! It is all a set up very funny much illuminati.

Another opinion that caught my eyes was about Common Core. In this article Karin Klein gives us a brief description of common core and she leaves it up to the audience to decide whether it is helpful or not. Well I am the audience and what I have to say about this is WHY? Why common core when we need common sense? I just simply don’t get it. The government spends all this money to invent new tests for students. What for? To test our ability of how many different test we can take? NO, what we really need is a common sense test so the people in our society can have some common sense about life.

My last and favorite was an annotation about how 3.5 hours of hw for students per day is a lot. You think that’s a lot? If I’m correct then I take about 40 hours every day to do hw. Hw hw hw hw soooo much hw. Listen to me it got 2 inspirational quotes from the column. Look it “But I’m also in the camp that says kids, including teenagers, need well-balanced lives that include extracurricular activities, outside pursuits, physical activity, fun with friends and family, and just hanging around accomplishing nothing.” I 100% support this quote like preach it man I can’t put this quote in better words it is just perfect. The other one is “It’s one thing for students to practice a new math skill or puzzle out some problems, another to be assigned busywork that doesn’t add to skills or knowledge.” Do you see how beautiful this quote is I can just repeat it in my head all day long.

So yes this is what I have to say about my topic of what we are really learning in school. Everyone is so busy with doing school work hoping to get into the top universities that they are blind to the beautiful life surrounds them. When was the last time they sit on the grass and listen to the bird singing? I’d say education is important but everyone should take it slow and consider other important things in life too such as families and friends. To be honest, working a minimum wage job doing what you love is still better than being a rich doctor with a horrible domestic family relationships not including bunch of stresses. Live for today, learn what you think is important to you.

Common What?

Spirit Of Adventure

Dear World,

So for those of you parents and students out there, you may have heard that many schools are switching from the STAR testing old ways, into Common Core. And if you’ve been following recent internet stories, you would have heard of the letter that a frustrated parent wrote to a teacher about Common Core. In case you haven’t seen that letter, here it is:

Honestly. This is for a 2nd Grader. Yes, I understand that it is important to learn why we do things in math, and other subjects, but this is ridiculous. That number line thing? Like what is that? I, like that parent, would have subtracted and just said, “That’s how it is! He must have gotten confused by that ridiculous number line thing.” I’m a high school student and I don’t really even understand what is going on with that number line thing.

As a…

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melt my heart to stone

“And I hear your words that I made up
You say my name like there could be an us”

Word by word, Adele’s lyrics and her voice give me chills behind my back. The kind of chills that would result in goosebumps on my skin and excitement of my mitochondria. Underneath my skin, her voice would penetrate my veins and inject them with boundless ecstasy.

The way she turns her emotions into words is indescribable. It’s brilliant how she carefully selects every single word to be on her song. I don’t know if that’s a fact but my ears tell me so as I listen to her records. Hearing her songs, it’s not just pure sadness, it’s something else, something more lyrical than music and more meaningful than life. I can feel and sympathize her true feelings as she’s telling me a story with her angelic voice.

The sound that comes out of her throat vibrates the atoms in my brain over and over again. I’m telling you every word hits me hard right here on my heart. It’s best to listen to her songs after a breakup or in the state of liking someone. But either way, her songs are phenomenal and legendary. No wonder she won 6 grammy’s that one time, she should’ve won like 60.

Her voice, it’s so vivid and vibrant. Hearing Adele sings is the same thing as seeing her painting a picture. Where did she get that voice from? I do not know. But let me tell you, I thank god every day for Adele’s existence. As I’m speaking I just downloaded 20 songs of her into my phone and now every day they’re going to be the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to before bed. There is no difference between Adele’s live songs and recorded songs.

With music, I can see that Adele had overcame a lot of her problems. I assume that being chubby, Adele got a lot of shit for it and got made fun of. But she didn’t give up, day and night Adele worked hard to produce songs and lose weight and now look where she is. She had changed the view of her observers through her pen and voice. And that is something beautiful.

Adele gives me hopes, dreams, motivations, and inspirations. I admire her so so much. Her voice continues to cuts through my heart as I enter the dark dark night. Just listen to the video and you will see. Good night everyone, good night Adele.